Two-party vote share by postcode, 2019 Australian election, with population density reflected by height of the shading in each region.

My research has been published in academic journals and other formats. I have also been hired as a consultant to conduct research for national political campaigns. I was the principal investigator of the 2019 Cooperative Australian Election Survey. The largest election study conducted in Australia to date, this was a $140,000 survey of 7,000 Australians conducted during the 2019 federal election involving 10 researchers from five universities.

Academic research

Populists or Nativist Authoritarians? A Cross-National Analysis of the Populist Radical Right Ideology Amongst Voters
Australian Journal of Political Science
(with Glenn Kefford) – Forthcoming

Dark money and opaque politics: Making sense of contributions to Australian political parties
Australian Journal of Political Science
(with Darren Halpin) – Forthcoming.

The role of political polarization on American and Australian trust and media use during the COVID-19 pandemic
In Peter Van Aelst and Jay G. Blumler (eds), Political Communication in the Time of Coronavirus (with Andrea Carson and Leah Ruppanner) – Forthcoming

Anxiety and Financial Worry under the COVID-19 pandemic: Employment Disruption and Increased Housework and Childcare in Australia and the United States
Gender, Work and Organization
(with Leah Ruppanner, Xiao Tan and Andrea Carson) – Forthcoming

Voter behaviour: Age, ancestry and economic self-interest
In Marian Simms, Marian Sawer, Anika Gauja (eds), Morrison’s Miracle: The 2019
Australian Federal Election (with Jill Sheppard and Juliet Pietsch) – 2020.
Read here.

Negative Campaigning, Issue Salience and Vote Choice: Assessing the Effects of the Australian Labor Party’s 2016 ‘Mediscare’ Campaign
Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (with Andrea Carson and Aaron Martin) – 2020.
Read here.

Electoral reform and voters’ behaviour in Australia and New Zealand
Political Science (with Svitlana Chernykh, Benjamin E. Goldsmith, Leonie Huddy, Aaron Martin) – 2019.
Read here.

Support for minor parties in Australia: Economic insecurity versus issue representation
In Shaun Wilson and Markus Hadler (eds), Australian Social Attitudes IV: Australia in an age of insecurity – 2018.
Read here.

Public opinion and policy responsiveness in Australia: The case of same-sex marriage
Australian Journal of Political Science (with Andrea Carson and Yannick Dufresne) – 2018.
Read here.

Interest aggregators, not office chasers: Evidence for party convergence and divergence in Australia
Australian Journal of Political Science – 2017.
Read here.

Under review and in progress

The role of party membership on success of entrepreneurs in China
(with Ben Goldsmith and Minglu Chen)

Do we still care who gets what, when and how? Asset ownership, economic interests and voter behavior after 2016
Under review
Read the working paper

Coalition realignment, White flight from the Democratic Party, and partisan polarization in the US
In progress

A matter of trust: How Americans and Australians diverged in trust and media use during a global pandemic
(with Andrea Carson and Leah Ruppanner)
In progress

Measuring public opinion for small groups and areas using data from voter advice applications and MRP
(with Simon Jackman)
Read the working paper

Other selected work

Fear, loathing and COVID-19: America and Australia compared
(with Simon Jackman, Andrea Carson and Leah Ruppanner) – 2020
Read here

Public Opinion in the Age of Trump: The United States and Australia compared
(with Simon Jackman, Zoe Meers, Jared Mondschein and Elliott Brennan) – 2019
Read here

Red is the new black: Support for and attitudes towards socialism in Australia and the United States
(with Simon Jackman) – 2019
Read here

Very legal and very cool: Public opinion on Trump, Russia and the Mueller investigation
(with Simon Jackman) – 2019
Read here

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