I am a lecturer in Political science at the United States Studies Centre, at the University of Sydney.  I received my PhD in political science from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. My thesis examined the role of Australia’s major political parties as interest aggregators representing the policy preferences of distinct parts of civil society.

My research focuses on US, Australian and comparative politics, examining the policy preferences and behaviour of political actors (particularly voters and candidates), as well as the role of parties, and how these influence public policy outcomes.

Prior to working at the University of Sydney, I taught politics, political psychology and the use of quantitative research methods in the social sciences at Monash and the University of Melbourne. I also have a background working in politics and government relations, and have done some political and statistical consulting for various groups.

I am an advocate for the use of quantitative research methods to better understand politics and the society in which it operates, and am a member of the executive committee of the Australian Society for Quantitative Political Science. I also on occasion teach statistics through the Australian Consortium for Social & Political Research Inc (information on the course can be found here).

My profile page on the USSC site is here, and my CV here.

Artists impression of this website’s owner, circa 2017.

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