My research has appeared in academic journals and other formats. I was also the principal investigator of the 2019 Cooperative Australian Election Survey. The largest election study conducted in Australia to date, this was a $140,000 survey of 10,000 Australians conducted during the 2019 federal election involving 10 researchers from five universities.


Academic research


Negative Campaigning, Issue Salience and Vote Choice: Assessing the Effects of the Australian Labor Party’s 2016 ‘Mediscare’ Campaign | Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (with Andrea Carson and Aaron Martin) – 2019. Read here.

Electoral reform and voters’ behaviour in Australia and New Zealand | Political Science (with Svitlana Chernykh, Benjamin E. Goldsmith, Leonie Huddy, Aaron Martin) – 2019. Read here.

Support for minor parties in Australia: Economic insecurity versus issue representation |Australian Social Attitudes IV: Australia in an age of insecurity – 2018. Read here.

Public opinion and policy responsiveness in Australia: The case of same-sex marriage | Australian Journal of Political Science (with Andrea Carson and Yannick Dufresne) – 2018. Read here.

Interest aggregators, not office chasers: Evidence for party convergence and divergence in Australia | Australian Journal of Political Science – 2017. Read here.

In progress 

Coherent or Confused? A Cross-National Analysis of the Populist Radical Right Ideology Amongst Voters | Under Review (with Glenn Kefford).

Policy representation and political trust: Evidence from Australia | Under Review (with Aaron Martin).


Other select research and analysis

Red is the new black | Support for and attitudes towards socialism in Australia and the United States (with Simon Jackman) – 2019. Read here.

Very legal and very cool | Public opinion on Trump, Russia and the Mueller investigation – 2019. Read here.

Attitudes towards key issues in Australia and the United States | Americans are divided over President Trump’s hardball tactics over trade with China as the tariff war threatens to spill into next year – 2018. Read here.

The issues driving midterm voters | Donald Trump, healthcare and immigration are the most important issues for Americans going into the November midterm elections- 2018. Read here.

Anxiety in Australia and America | Australians as anxious about healthcare costs as Americans, more anxious about climate change – 2018. Read here.

A matter of trust |Compared to Australia, the United States has a trust problem – 2018. Read here.


Consulting services

I have held government and media relations rolls, and provided statistical and political consulting services for political campaigns, trade unions and industry associations. To find out more, contact me.

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