My research has appeared in academic journals and other formats. I have also been commissioned to conduct research for political campaigns. This has primarily involved planning and writing public opinion surveys, analysing polling data and modelling election outcomes to provide information for strategic planning.


Academic research


Negative Campaigning, Issue Salience and Vote Choice: Assessing the Effects of the Australian Labor Party’s 2016 ‘Mediscare’ Campaign | Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (with Andrea Carson and Aaron Martin) – 2019. Read here.

Support for minor parties in Australia: Economic insecurity versus issue representation |Australian Social Attitudes IV: Australia in an age of insecurity – 2018. Read here.

Public opinion and policy responsiveness in Australia: The case of same-sex marriage | Australian Journal of Political Science (with Andrea Carson and Yannick Dufresne) – 2018. Read here.

Interest aggregators, not office chasers: Evidence for party convergence and divergence in Australia | Australian Journal of Political Science – 2017. Read here.

In progress 

Coherent or Confused? A Cross-National Analysis of the Populist Radical Right Ideology Amongst Voters | Under Review (with Glenn Kefford).

Policy representation and political trust: Evidence from Australia | Under Review (with Aaron Martin).


Other select research and analysis

Red is the new black | Support for and attitudes towards socialism in Australia and the United States (with Simon Jackman) – 2019. Read here.

Very legal and very cool | Public opinion on Trump, Russia and the Mueller investigation – 2019. Read here.

Attitudes towards key issues in Australia and the United States | Americans are divided over President Trump’s hardball tactics over trade with China as the tariff war threatens to spill into next year – 2018. Read here.

The issues driving midterm voters | Donald Trump, healthcare and immigration are the most important issues for Americans going into the November midterm elections- 2018. Read here.

Anxiety in Australia and America | Australians as anxious about healthcare costs as Americans, more anxious about climate change – 2018. Read here.

A matter of trust |Compared to Australia, the United States has a trust problem – 2018. Read here.


Consulting services

I have held government and media relations rolls, and provided statistical and political consulting services for political campaigns, trade unions and industry associations. To find out more, contact me.

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