Tallyroom Podcast – the first week of the Australian Federal election

This week I joined Ben Raue and Paddy Manning on the Tallyroom Podcast to talk about the latest Australian federal election polls, seats where independents are challenging the Coalition, and the conclusion of the NSW upper house count. You can listen to us here.


Red is the new black: Support for and attitudes towards socialism in Australia and the United States

Socialism is back. Well known for their love of avocados and Netflix, Millennials are now also apparently embracing the radical leftist politics of economic equality and public ownership of the means of production. That it is young people who are seen as supporting socialism is not surprising. This support is embodied (in the United States) …

In the news

I've conducted a couple of interviews lately that I haven't posted here. Last night, the ABC launched Vote Compass for the 2019 Australian federal election. I spoke with Ashleigh Raper about how this is a tool that can be used by voters to find out where their issue preferences sit in relation to the policy …