Update: conference paper slides etc

I haven’t posted in a while.

Mostly that has been because I have been working on my thesis. Of course.

There were also a few days off over Christmas,* some teaching (Applied Research Methods and Political Psychology at the University of Melbourne) and a few other things.

Also, some other research. I presented a few papers at the AusPSA conference in Canberra in September and another at the Australian Society for Quantitative Political Science  (ASQPS) conference in Melbourne in December.

The main point of this post is to share slides from these two meetings.

First, here is the presentation for a paper I authored with Shaun Wilson on the relationship between household income and vote choice in Australia. Although still a work in progress, I’m quite proud of this project. In particular, we use Multilevel Regression with Poststratification (MRP) to look at the geographic variation in the relationship between income and voting. Some of the results are interesting (income matters more in marginal electorates, for instance). Hopefully the full paper will be done soon.

Second, slides from another paper presented as AusPSA. This one looks at some policy outcomes associated with Coalition and Labor federal governments since the 1960s. In particular, growing market-income inequality is increasingly associated with Coalition governments. Not sure what is going to happen with this project, but hopefully something at some point (time permitting – haha).

Finally, the draft paper I presented at ASQPS. This looks at the continuing importance of economic cleavages in the Australian electorate (denied by some). Since then I’ve changed this paper a fair bit. But the version I presented in December is still not too bad. Slides are here.

*Used to learn how to scrape web pages in R. Working through code is the true meaning of Christmas, is it not?



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